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Fall Time Activities To Try Indoors

It’s that time of year again, the best time. Fall time. Fall is beautiful with it’s changing colors and rainy days, but it’s also when most people begin to stay indoors. Although you may feel like you’ve exhausted all your possibilities of fun, fear not! At Eva Carlston Academy, we teamed with the best of the best, our very own Maggie Willis, to help us brainstorm the most creative and entertaining fall activities to try indoors!

Fall Activities and Crafts

“Putting sweet notes or small art pieces around the home that are artfully done can be a reminder to be thankful for the little things.” -Maggie Willis

Art projects are one of the best ways to “liven” up the home during fall and they can be as easy as decorating and hanging up signs of gratitude around the house to look and reflect on. Manypeople can start to feel isolated as the season turns colder, but doing fun and engaging activities can help alleviate some of that. 

Did you know that Maggie is also the coordinator for the Utah Arts Festival Art Yard, and that participating at this event is part of Eva Carlston’s programming? This year, she created several instructional “how-to” videos on the Art Yard page that gives kids of all ages fun crafts to do while indoors. From homemade binoculars to fun jewelry hangers, it has it all. You can access the online platform anywhere you are. This means you and your daughter can work on the same project at the same time, even if you are a city or state away. 

At Eva Carlston Academy we strongly encourage our students to expand their horizons. A key person in this effort is our aArt Director, Maggie Willis. Every year, Maggie organizes the Art Yard and gives our students the opportunity to volunteer and participate. They work with up to 8,000 kids that come through and build projects and connections with the community that last a lifetime. 

Upcycling projects are another great way to kill boredom! Start by gathering things around your house that you may not use very often. This could be clothes, DVDs, blankets, etc. See what fun outfits you can make with your old clothing! Try to cut old sweatpants into lounge shorts, or paint designs on old DVDs, then wear your new fashion item and hang up your decor!

Recently, Eva Carlston students got the opportunity to do upcycling projects! From slippers, to “Gucci” bags, the possibilities were unlimited when it comes to their creativity and imagination. It’s as simple as looking at an ordinary object and making it come to life with what else you can find.

Try doing small crafts like shrink a dinks, kinetic sand, or homemade play-do. Staying at home during the rainy and cold days doesn’t always have to be a downer. Look around your home and get creative with your ideas!

There are many activities you can do in the fall at home that can help with either seasonal depression, isolation, or just not knowing what to do! Creating your kinetic sand, starting a new art project, or picking up a hobby are all ways to help you this season. Craft on! 

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