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How to Reinforce Food Positivity

When growing up, there are certain things that can shape the way we view food. Having a healthy outlook on food and what it does for us is important when learning how to cook and plan meals. If a negative connotation is built around the idea of eating, it can later lead to eating disorders, low self-esteem, and poor body image. We strive to teach our students the importance of healthy nutrition, meal planning, and consumption!

What Does It Mean To Be Food Positive? 

Food positivity is surrounding ourselves with a healthy attitude towards eating and foods that we might negatively label as “forbidden”. Being restrictive towards certain foods and pushing that narrative that certain things will make you perfect can overall have a terrible impact on your mental health and wellbeing. It’s okay to allow yourself planned treats and become aware of what you are eating. 

Being food positive encourages you to have the nutrients you need in order to help fuel your body. Food positive actions will always begin with ourselves. We have to make a conscious effort to provide our bodies with the things it needs and be aware of what helps us. Try not to encourage the idea of “bad” foods or withhold yourself from eating these foods. Instead, eat them with moderation and honor your body’s hunger. 

By learning what foods help us in everyday life and understanding what impacts our health, we can become better at being positive when eating and planning out our meals. 

The Benefits of Food Positivity and Eva Carlston’s Goal

Nutrition can have a huge influence on your mental health and learning more about food positivity can help break down barriers that are negative and unhelpful. At Eva Carlston we have goals surrounding nutrition and reinforcing food positivity. 

Eva’s goals in our nutrition program:

-Variety of foods

-Balanced meals

-No bad foods

-Empower youth in planning nutritional foods

-Trying new things

-Teaching youth to prepare meals

-Intuitive eating

Our Nutrition Manager, Carly, oversees all of the menu planning, food shopping and meal prep. She teaches our students about the essentials of balanced meals and including variety into the meals they plan. Each of the students rotate having the responsibility to plan and prepare meals for the home. They participate in all aspects of meal preparation, including grocery shopping.

“I really like planning with Carly and cooking in the kitchen! It is a good bonding experience with staff and other peers. I also learn how to make a lot of new things that I will eventually teach my family.” 

-Eva Carlston Student

Julie Hansen is our nutritionist and reviews each menu to evaluate nutritional values and healthy food options. She helps our students learn what is best for them and their bodies. Most adolescent diets are lacking in protein, so here at Eva Carlston we emphasize including a variety of healthy protein sources and exploring new options every week. 

It’s important to build a positive relationship with food and have a positive mindset when it comes to meal planning and consumption. We try our best to teach our students not only how to have proper nutrition but to have fun while doing it!


  1. Michelle says:

    I think that it would take a whole army of experts like you have there to get my kid to eat healthy. She is so picky! Hope what you are doing sticks.

  2. Doug P says:

    Thank you for publishing this article! Food positivity and a healthy attitude are so important. We use similar goals in our household.

    1. Eva Carlston says:

      Thanks Doug! Glad you enjoyed it!

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