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Leadership Styles

leadership styles at eva carlston academy

This week, we have been focusing on Leadership. In an earlier article we discussed how the girl’s learn to be leaders through taking on responsibilities among their peers. You can read how two of our current students reflected on being the House Manager and the skills they learned during that time. The girls also learned about different leadership styles.

Below are 4 leadership styles and related traits.

  • Visionaries – They dream, see the future and generate ideas for action.
  • Doers – They have the energy and the skills to make things happen.
  • Organizers – They take care of the details and logistics, and they do the research.
  • Connectors – They relate and reach out to others, facilitate meetings, and keep groups together.


  •     imaginative
  •     passionate 
  •     think outside the box
  •     think about the future
  •     dreamers


  •     energetic
  •     perseverance
  •     flexibility
  •     good with hands
  •     performers


  •     good management or administrative skills
  •     logical
  •     math skills possible
  •     research-oriented
  •     analytical
  •     problem-solvers


  •     compassionate
  •     good communicators
  •     strong verbal skills
  •     good listening skills
  •     strong social skills