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Staff Spotlight – Katie Jensen


Hi! My name is Katie, I am the Milieu Manager and work with your daughters at Draper. In the three years that I’ve been at Eva Carlston, I feel incredibly fortunate to know that the work that I do impacts so many lives, both within our staff and students. I love seeing the students grow and develop their confidence throughout their time here. I love teaching them skills they will use for the rest of their lives and helping to empower them to be more independent. I love working with and training staff so they can have that same experience with the girls and I’m grateful to feel valued as an employee, especially through the uncertainty of these historic times.

However, most of all, I love being a part of the student’s process from day 1 to graduation, and seeing them develop confidence, leadership, independence, and overall empowerment to take on life’s challenges.

On our last ski trip, there was a girl who immediately regretted attending and

wanted to give up and sit out the rest of the day. This was her first time on skis and she wasn’t able to keep up with the rest of the beginner’s class. As the rest of the class moved away from the magic carpet and onto ‘Chickadee’, this student basically broke down and refused to continue. I encouraged her to get back up and I individually worked with her to try again for the rest of the day. Even though I am not a skier, whatsoever, I was at least knowledgeable in the “pizza-french fry” teaching method. I worked with her for the next couple hours until she was confident enough to go down the hill by herself multiple times without falling. I kept reminding her how proud of herself she should be – and the best part was that she was! As cheesy as it sounds, I kept explaining the parallel between her skiing experience and life.

So many times, we think we can’t do something because it’s too hard or scary, or we think we’re not good enough. But when we face the uncomfortable feelings instead of avoiding them, those experiences make us stronger, empowered, accomplished, and more capable in the end. I reminded her that her accomplishment that day wasn’t about skiing at all – it was just proof for herself that she can do hard things and face anything in life with grit and tenacity. It is so rewarding to help the girls make these connections and to see them find the value in the skills that they’re learning and how those skills can apply them to life outside of Eva Carlston.