Eva Carlston Academy

Andrya Lewis

andrya lewis woman glasses yellow staff member at Eva Carlston Academy

MA - Foreign Language Teacher

Andrya Lewis earned a Bachelor’s Degree in French with a teaching emphasis from the University of Arizona as well as a Master’s Degree in Second Language Acquisition, with a major emphasis in French and a minor emphasis in Spanish, from Brigham Young University. Andrya is returning to teaching after taking a break to raise her 8 children. She loves teaching because it’s exciting and challenging to find creative ways to help people understand new ideas. She especially loves working with teenagers because they have so much energy and endless potential. “It’s good when learning is fun but sometimes it’s just so satisfying that you don’t mind when it’s hard work.”
When she is not teaching, Andrya Lewis likes to take small parts in film and video productions, work with pregnant women, and avoid cooking dinner as much as possible.