Eva Carlston Academy

Angelyn Caldwell

BS - Science Teacher

Teaching comes natural to Angelyn as she has always been drawn to jobs that involve teaching of some kind, everything ranging from being a swim instructor to a substitute teacher and tutor. Even as a young camp counselor she was expected to create fun learning activities and teach them to her campers, (which has been surprisingly helpful as a science teacher!). Being a tutor in college helped her realize how much she loved helping others understand and even enjoy science and math. She went on to complete a degree in Physics from the University of La Verne.  Angelyn began at Eva Carlston as a Family Teacher, but her teaching skills and expertise in science stood out and she made the natural move to the Academic team as a full time member of the faculty.

“My mother always told me ‘you can do hard things.’ While initially hearing that was frustrating, it has been lifesaving to remember the hard things I have already done when I am faced with new challenges that seem too big for me to overcome.”

Outside of teaching science Angelyn likes running and starting projects (not necessarily finishing them…). She has a flower dryer that she uses to quickly dry flowers to decorate and create art with.