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Brandon Heugly

Brandon Heugly

LCSW - Therapist

Brandon has 15 years of clinical experience working with children, adolescents, and their families creating lifestyle changes that promote wellness and healthy relationships. Brandon particularly specializes in executive function disorders, anxiety, depression, and behavioral challenges among youth and adolescents. He was the Executive Director for Utah Alliance for Children and has founded several other programs for children across the Salt Lake Valley. He uses a compassionate approach to work through trauma, complicated family dynamics, and other obstacles that might get in the way of each client’s potential. He has a very energetic and strengths-based approach and often uses humor and music to help integrate difficult topics. He often says “Life is often too heavy, therapy should be a place where fun, love, and accountability is modeled.”

Brandon has several degrees from The University of Utah including a minor in vocal performance, a BA in pediatric psychology, and a Masters Degree in Social Work. Brandon also taught special education and earned his special education credentials from Utah State University. Because of Brandon’s diverse background in working with children in multiple therapeutic environments, he comes with a comprehensive understanding of how to work with families to make all members of the family feel heard and cared about. Brandon utilizes a number of different therapeutic modalities including: DBT, Motivational Interviewing, Applied Behavior Analysis, CBT, and is heavily informed in working with trauma and adoption issues. He applies a tailored therapeutic program for each individual to achieve the most sustainable positive result.

Brandon loves composing music and singing with a number of different choirs across the valley and sometimes entertains an occasional solo gig. He has a wonderful wife, step-child, and fur babies with whom he enjoys watching shows, hiking in the mountains, and rock climbing. He has also been known to be found in trampoline gyms displaying his enthusiasm for gymnastics and acrobatics.