Eva Carlston Academy

Caitlin Tharaldson

Eva Carlston Academy Staff Member

LCSW - Therapist

After growing up in the Twin Cities in Minnesota, Caitlin received both a BS in Biology and a graduate degree in Social Work from the University of Minnesota.  Caitlin’s clinical experience ranges from presenting on clinical topics at professional conferences, to supervising clinicians and graduate students, to working with youth and young adults directly.  She has done so in a variety of settings such as a community mental health clinic, in-home therapy programs, at a domestic violence shelter, and most significantly in wilderness therapy programs.  She joined the Eva Carlston Academy team after serving as clinical director for a wilderness therapy program.  When working with students, Caitlin finds value in seeing the “whole” person.  She works to see beyond the presenting struggle to identify and treat the underlying anxiety, trauma, low self-worth, attachment and identity issues, and depressive patterns.  Caitlin provides a supportive and open environment for connection, by presenting her authentic self, which creates space for deeper work and to constructively highlight areas for growth and personal ownership.  She is trained in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy skills, a substance use model, and in various trauma treatment modalities.  She also has experience working within complex family systems.  “I am extremely grateful to walk alongside students as they feel empowered to dig into their work and live more whole lives.” Caitlin enjoys spending as much time as she can outside with friends and family, bringing her dog on adventures, skiing, hiking, biking, making art, and engaging in yoga/mindfulness practices.