Eva Carlston Academy

Carly Farnes

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BS - Nutrition Specialist

Carly earned a degree in family and human development from Utah State University. She was one of the original staff of Eva Carlston with just five girls in the program when she started.

“I’ve feel lucky to have found a job where I’m surrounded by strong, educated, admirable co-workers. I know it’s rare to work for a company that has this caliber of professionals working together for such a note-worthy cause.”

Her strengths as a shift supervisor were building healthy relationships with the girls and expressing empathy for the challenges the youth were going through, while also holding appropriate boundaries.

As Nutrition Specialist, Carly has since enjoyed the change of pace and has been able to develop new skills and put them into practice. She has enjoyed working with the girls in expanding their food palate and in taking more risks in the types of recipes to try out. In her free time, Carly loves gardening, hiking, camping, and enjoying summer-time activities.