Eva Carlston Academy

Gabriela Zabka

Eva Carlston staff member Gabriele Zabka sits and poses in a red blouse

CSW - Therapist

Gaby, a Utah native, received two Bachelor’s Degrees in both Social Work and Modern Dance from the University of Utah. After pursuing a career that focused on Homeless Services and supporting Unsheltered Folx, she received her Masters Degree in Social Work from the University of Utah. Gaby has worked in a variety of different agencies that have specialized in various therapeutic modalities, which ultimately led her to Eva Carlston. While previously working at an agency that specializes in OCD and Anxiety disorders, Gaby quickly found her curiosity and excitement in working with youth populations specifically. Gaby’s range of work experience in the social work field has included: Homeless services, case management, hospital social work, and exposure therapy. She has worked in various therapeutic levels of care such as Intensive Outpatient Programs, Outpatient Programs, and Residential Programs. Gaby specializes in Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Trauma-Informed Care. Gaby prioritizes the use of “holistic care”, and ¬†utilizes a Strengths Based approach to build a strong therapeutic alliance with her clients and ensure the client feels heard, supported, and safe. Gaby values the time spent building a strong therapeutic foundation between her and her clients, and is frequently inspired by those whose she works with. “It is such a gift to work with so many clients who are willing or open enough to allow trust and vulnerability to occur when we work together. I am frequently reminded just how courageous and brave the students are by just showing up, and being ready to work on things that can feel really scary to talk about.” In her free time Gaby loves to be outdoors (hiking, climbing, camping, canyoneering, etc), spending time with family and friends, snuggling her chocolate Labrador Retriever, dancing around, and gardening.