Eva Carlston Academy

Laura Smith

laura smith

M.Ed - English Teacher

Laura became a teacher because she has always loved learning and being in the classroom. She earned a bachelors in fine arts, and then a masters in education that focused on curriculum design and art. She began her career in education by teaching art. It was while teaching the that she discovered a love for integrating different academic subjects together and focusing on student character development. Laura loves sharing her passion for literature and writing with students. She appreciates the ability to talk about any subject, time, or place all within one academic subject.

“As an educator my goal is to not only teach students to succeed as academic learners, but to also teach them to be life-long learners and good citizens. I believe that the goal of any school should be to prepare students to face any endeavor or challenge that may come, whether academically or personally.”

Laura enjoys attending community events, concerts, art shows, and spending time with her cats, Kato and Vivienne. You can usually find her painting in her studio or riding her bike around town.