Eva Carlston Academy

Noel Koons

noel koons

CMHC - Therapist

Noel has worked with struggling adolescents for many years. He originally intended to serve the geriatric population but quickly changed his mind when he was invited to work with teenagers in a residential setting. It was there he experienced the profound growth and reuniting of adolescents and their families. Noel received degrees in psychology and mental health counseling from the University of Utah and University of Phoenix, respectively. He utilizes mindfulness, family systems, cognitive behavior therapy, and a relationship-based approach in his work. Noel loves working with families.

“I’ve witnessed incredible things happen when people are willing to show up and pay the price for understanding, harmony and peace within their families. What could be more important?”

Noel enjoys riding his bicycle, hiking, snowshoeing and traveling with his amazing wife.