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Participating in The Tumbleweeds Film Festival

Eva Carlston is participating in the Utah Film Center’s 8th annual Tumbleweeds Film Festival for Children and Youth March 1–3, 2019. Tumbleweeds features films from around the world and provides culturally-enriching, curated film, and media arts workshops for younger audiences. Founded in 2011, Tumbleweeds is the only film festival for children in the Intermountain West and has quickly become one of Utah’s premiere events.

See more about Tumbleweeds at: https://www.utahfilmcenter.org/tumbleweeds/

Tumbleweeds Film Festival superheroes
Some cutouts ready for the Clubhouse

All students will be watching the films The End of Dreams, and Alone In Space.

End of Dreams is an Iranian film directed by Mohammad Ali Talebi. Eight-year-old Arash’s father is entrusted by a neighbor to care for a pregnant mare. One night, without his father’s permission, he takes the pregnant mare out for a ride that will change his life forever.

Alone in Space is a Swedish Film directed by Ted Kjellsson. 12-year-old Gladys and her little brother Keaton are the only passengers on a huge starship. They spend their days exploring the ship and interacting with the Japanese A.I. Otosan. Everything changes when something unknown crashes into Svea and they discover that they are no longer alone.

A few select student interns from Eva Carlston will also be joining Art Director, Maggie Willis, in the “Clubhouse” to help create a collaborative installation with children participating in the festival. Kids and their families will be imagining their own superheroes, and then designing their own Superhero logo or catchphrase and add them to the collective story.

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