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Are Hobbies Good For Mental Health?

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Having a hobby is one of the best ways to spend your time, take your mind off things, relieve stress, and unlock your creativity. Although many people think a hobby means art or painting, it can be anything from polishing rocks to collecting stamps! Hobbies and mental health go hand in hand when it comes to your wellbeing and is extremely beneficial. 

Why Hobbies Are Good for Mental Health

We know hobbies are good for mental health, but why are they good? An article in Head to Health states, “Research shows that people with hobbies are less likely to suffer from stress, low mood, and depression.” Whatever it may be that sparks your interest, make sure you do it for yourself. Try something that fits with your personality and something that you enjoy doing. 

In a group setting, hobbies help you mental health by improving your connectivity with others and building your interpersonal relationships. You get to be social while doing the thing you love most, with people who also like it! Having a community is just as important to mental health as a hobby is and the two can work together to help put you at ease or get you into a routine. 

Mental Health and Extra Curriculars

So, do hobbies improve mental health? The short answer is, yes! But, what benefits are to be gained by having hobbies? 

  • Stress reducer 
  • Enhanced well-being 
  • Social circle 
  • Decrease in depression and anxiety 
  • Better sleep 
  • Overall increase happiness 

If you say to yourself that you simply “don’t have time,” try and find brief moments within your schedule during the following weeks that would allow for a quick run, painting session, or meditation. Although ideal, your hobby doesn’t have to be daily or weekly, just spending a few moments to yourself can greatly help you to feel refreshed and energized. 

Hobbies At Eva Carlston Academy 

At Eva Carlston Academy, we often use hobbies to help with mental health in a variety of ways. We allow our students to choose from a multitude of activities that spark their interest to allow them to explore themselves and their thoughts. Finding a release during a therapeutic environment can prove to have great benefits to someone’s overall wellbeing. 

Some hobbies of our students include: Basketball, drawing, painting, poetry, writing, journaling, soccer, yoga, singing, playing musical instruments, meditation and so much more! They have found what hobbies are good for their mental health and use it to help create a healthy environment for themselves and their fellow students. 

We’re proud to offer our students the freedom to choose amongst their interests and allow them to build on their talent and find an outlet to release their emotions. Creativity and hobbies are one of the best ways to help with mental health. We also enjoy watching our students thrive with interactions between those that hold the same hobbies and build on their communication and relationship skills.