Eva Carlston Academy

Eva Carlston Academy Reviews

Eva Carlston Academy reviews and feedback from students, parents, and staff all play an important role in they way that the program operates over time. To remain a compassionate program that is dedicated to assisting adolescent girls as they find their place in the world, Eva Carlston takes the content within its reviews to heart. This allows the program to ensure that its unique combination of sophisticated therapy, mentorship, access to the arts, and experiential learning are doing everything possible to help students reach their goals.
There are multiple subjects that Eva Carlston Academy reviews commonly explore, and many of them tend to speak to the work that Eva Carlston has done to ensure the girls can develop positive relationships and gain important life skills.

Experienced and Compassionate Staff

Eva Carlston Academy reviews consistently speak to the quality of the professionals that work for the program. As members of a female owned and operated program, the women working at Eva Carlston recognize the incredibly important role that they play as mentors and role models for the young women that attend. They naturally take the responsibilities that they have as staff members incredibly seriously and look to instill a sense of confidence, compassion, and direction in young women that will help them find their place in the world.
Eva Carlston’s few male teachers and therapists contribute to the experience by highlighting what healthy male-female relationships look like in their interactions with students and staff. Each member of the Eva Carlston team acknowledges their role in helping students realize their true potential, and they do so by embodying professionalism and respect every day.
Within many Eva Carlston Academy reviews, the strong relationships between students and teachers are often listed as by students and alumni as one of the defining factors of the Eva Carlston program. At Eva Carlston, we are proud of this connection and of our staff’s ability to lead by example and provide students an environment full of exemplary role models.

Beautiful Environment to Learn

Treatment programs can take place in a variety of environments, however, many of them are based in remote locations far from outside influences. Eva Carlston Academy reviews frequently note that the urban residential setting of the program contributes to the positive environment for the girls that attend. Remote areas simply do not provide young people with a stimulating environment that keeps their attention and showcases all the opportunities and activities that exist for them. Salt Lake City provides access to cultural and sporting events and allows the girls to explore what they are most passionate about. Eva Carlston maintains that this use of location instills both a sense of purpose and willingness to break away from negative influences. This belief in the power of location has had a positive impact on Eva Carlston students, which can be seen throughout Eva Carlston Academy reviews from both student alumni and parents.

Structured Approach to Treatment

Eva Carlston’s approach to treatment is unique in that it delivers lifestyle therapy. The program realizes that, since all aspects of girl’s life can impact their emotional wellbeing, every facet of their life should be tailored to support them along their treatment path. Eva Carlston Academy reviews, to this point, focus on how this level of structure is beneficial for young women as they develop and hone therapeutic skills such as emotional regulation, problem solving, and communication. The culmination of the program’s location, homelike setting, and family-style living are key components of Eva Carlston’s approach to treatment. This lifestyle therapy gives girls the opportunity to learn structure that will remain relevant when they leave the program – evident in the many Eva Carlston Academy reviews left by alumni.