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Fall Is In The Air: Fun Traditions To Start With Eva Carlston

Sweater weather, soups, hot chocolate, cider, what could be better than that! Pretty much nothing. At Eva Carlston Academy, we love fall (if you couldn’t tell) and we enjoy creating traditions for years to come that all families can enjoy. What’s a better way to enjoy the colder season than with a few fun things to do? 

Fall Traditions For Eva Carlston

As the leaves start to turn colors and the temperatures lower, one thing is for certain: fall time is here, and we couldn’t be more excited! Since the cold weather is driving people’s isolation more than ever, it’s important to maintain our routine but throw in some fun and creative ways to take advantage of the beautiful Autumn weather in Utah. 

  1. Paint a Pumpkin: The students at Eva Carlston Academy have so much fun while thinking of ways to decorate their individual pumpkins! If you’re worried about trying to clean up the mess, switching to painting your pumpkins can be a great alternative. Base your pumpkin off your favorite book character, movie star, or Halloween monster. The possibilities are endless!
  1. Bobbing For Apples: Why not turn your night into a fall-themed activity night and bob for apples! Afterward, you can turn the apples that weren’t retrieved into a nice apple cider to fill your home with cinnamon goodness.
  1. Go to a Corn Maze: Find a local corn maze and have some fun! Most corn mazes also double as a pumpkin patch, which is great to knock out two birds with one stone. Not only will you be supporting a local farm, but it’s also a good time to let the kids run around and find their way out!
  1. Hiking and Fall Colors Photoshoot: As fall colors make the mountains and hilltops look like something out of a painting, it’s the perfect time to explore trails and take photos, something Eva Carlston students know all too well. We’ve made it a tradition to go up into the beautiful and serene mountains with our photography teacher, Darren Peterson and teach our students how to capture the seasonal colors and landscapes.
  1. Tracy Aviary Halloween Hoot: One of our favorite traditions at Eva Carlston Academy is the Tracy Aviary Halloween Hoot. Crafts, activities, and photo booths are the star of the evening (aside form the birds, of course) as guests walk about the wildlife. This year is extra special due to our students having their own private event. Be sure to take a look and make it a yearly tradition!

Traditions are a meaningful way to bond as a family and come closer together as the holidays start to approach. There are many ways to celebrate the best season and have fun together. Now go out there and bob some apples or boo a neighbor!

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