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Halloween Is Here to Stay!

Although it may seem like ghosts and ghouls haunt halloween, the real boogeyman is still COVID-19. Many parents and families are wondering how they are still able to celebrate their favorite spooky holiday while abiding by the CDC guidelines. We’re here to tell you, halloween is here to stay!

Halloween With Covid

Now more than ever, people are getting creatively chilling with their decorations and eerie COVID friendly celebrations. At Eva Carlston Academy, we love celebrating Halloween and understand you want to too! During a worldwide pandemic, we want everything to remain the same and have a sense of ghostly normalcy, but we know that this Halloween will be different than any other.

Think outside of the box and try to get creative with your ideas, the point is to have fun and celebrate Halloween but in a COVID-safe way. Whether it be painting a pumpkin, which is an Eva Carlston favorite, or simply watching scary movies in the dark, Halloween is a holiday that has a certain versatility to it. Ran out of ideas? Here’s some that may help!

  1. DIY Costume Making: Costume making has become a fan favorite here at Eva Carlston Academy. Pull out your old clothes, and get creative! It’s up to you on what you want to be, and that’s the beautiful thing about Halloween. 
  1. Trunk or Treat: Trunks? Treats? What could be better than that! Switch out your communal candy bowl and put candy in paper cups instead or bag them in spooky Halloween themed baggies. This keeps the scary out of the pandemic and the eerie inside Halloween. Bonus points if you decorate the inside of your trunk, and creep it real! 
  1. Glow In The Dark Egg Hunt: If you thought egg hunts were just for Easter, think again! Purchase some dreadful looking eggs, stuff them with candy, and hide them around your house or yard. Decorate the inside of your already haunted house and have the kids saying “boo-yah.” Bring the trick or treating to you and give ‘em pumpkin to talk about!
  1. Halloween Carnival: Every year, Eva Carlston loves putting on a Halloween carnival, and you can do it too! Make your own Halloween decorations, bob for apples, decorate cookies, play spooky music, and get into the spirit. If you want to be extra spooky, fill bowls up with intestines (spaghetti) or eyeballs (grapes) and let your guests guess!
  1. Explore Different Halloween Cultures: It can be fun to celebrate different Halloween traditions from around the world. Eva Carlson students educate themselves on Day of the Dead traditions, China’s Teng Chieh, or something else from around the globe. Make traditional foods, play fun games, and honor the diversity of the world!

Regardless of what you and your family chooses to do, Eva Carlston Academy hopes it’s fang-tastic! Halloween doesn’t have to be cancelled, and with this to do list, you’ll be the ghostest with the mostest. Stay safe, have fun, and don’t out boo yourself!

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