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Social Dilemma: Student Takeaways

the social dilemma film in which eva carlston academy students have attended.

After watching the Sundance file ‘The Social Dilemma’ our girls share the takeaways they gleaned from the experience.

Takeaways from the film:

  • We need to do more research on the link between mental illness and social media.
  • Be safe online and don’t check your phone 24/7- it’s not worth it.
  • Companies track what you do online and only show you certain things because of it.
  • I am fascinated with the rapid rate at which technology develops, and I find it terrifying because it is taking over our world.
  • Depression, anxiety, and suicide are strongly influenced by social media.
  • Everything stays online even if you delete it.
  • Social media creators jobs are to keep you addicted and it leaves a negative effect on users.
  • Be mindful of social media use. Don’t let what you see on social media manipulate your beliefs.
  • Social media is destructive in a lot of ways, but there are also positives. Many people struggle to make real connections when they are on social media.
  • The point of a lot of major tech companies is to manipulate you into spending more and more time on social media by clicking on their “suggestions”.
  • I learned a lot about what happens behind the scenes with social media, and I learned a lot about what to avoid.
  • It is crazy how your phone knows exactly where you are and how you feel. It makes me more aware of how I use my phone and if I even want one.
  • Big companies have more influence over us than we think.

How is the film’s message relevant to their life:

  • I have really struggled with comparing myself to others on social media.
  • I was addicted to my phone before treatment and I was an isolated mess.
  • My generation is the new future and it’s up to us to choose how we want society to function.
  • Because I am in the generation that grew up with technology and social media, I overused it in my life.
  • I use social media so it’s important to know the dangers.
  • I’ve always struggled with being able to tell if something is true, so this movie helped explain a lot.
  • I used to spend a lot of time posting photos, and people can track you if you are not careful, and that’s creepy. 
  • I use social media and I need to learn to be safe and monitor my use on my phone.
  • It was kind of a slap in the face how dangerous social media can really be.
  • I need to be more conscious on social media and avoid the negative sides of it the movie addressed.

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