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Sue Hoffman: Staff Spotlight

Sue Hoffman has a lifelong affinity for birds. While she was working on her bachelor’s degree, she took an introductory level course on nature and found that her love of birds combined with the outdoors was a way to rejuvenate and revitalize. Early in her career she worked with child abuse vicitms in Cache Valley, Utah. Nature and birdwatching provided the grounding that she needed to continue to support others in their healing journey. Currently she is on the board of directors for HawkWatch International, a conservation and science organization internationally respected for improving public awareness and understanding of raptors and their conservation needs. Sue has been instrumental in bringing conservation awareness to the students at Eva Carlston by collaborating with HawkWatch to create opportunities for field trips such as banding forest owls and attending raptor education presentations.

***The handling of the birds in the pictures is authorized by federal and state agencies for scientific research***

To learn more about Sue Hoffman click here.

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