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Sundance Film Reviews: Eva Carlston Students

Sundance Film Festival 2020, eva carlston academy students attended

This week, our girls participated in the Sundance Institute’s Student Film Program where they were able to view a screening of the Sundance film The Social Dilemma. The Social Dilemma is a film, about the power of the Tech industry, and has been described as An Inconvenient Truth meets the Matrix. With testimony from tech whistleblowers, this film delves into the world of social media, the data users provide to Big Tech and how these companies may use that information to gain influence and manipulate their users. For a full summary, check out the Sundance Film Festival’s The Social Dilemma page.

After viewing the film, the girls were able to take part in a Q&A with the cast and crew. After this we asked the girls to share with us their reviews of the film.

“I loved the film! I thought it was so interesting that they tied the use of social media to the political divide in our country. It’s crazy that one person can get different information from the same google search as someone else, depending on their search history!”

Current Student

“I thought it was over-dramatized. It was interesting, but it showed only an extreme situation. I think social media can be used for good too. It made me want to be more careful about my notifications and what I search for, but I’m not going to stop using social media because of it.”

Current Student
Girls asking Q&A at Sundance film

“I have never been to a Sundance film, and I may never go again, but was cool to see all of the actors and film-makers on stage.”

Current Student

“The film was outstanding. It was thought-provoking, a bit terrifying, and a call to action, all in one. I hope our girls saw how influential they can be when it comes to our law-makers and economy. I hope they understand that they can be change-makers at a time when our society needs leaders – leaders like Eva Carlston students have the potential to be. This film was a good reality-check for me and a mobilization opportunity for our girls, if they decide to pick-up the cause, which I think some of them will!”

Cassie Taylor, Admissions and Marketing Director

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