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Eva Carlston Academy Reviews the Importance of Language Arts

Language Arts is occasionally brushed off by students with comments such as “we already speak the language”. While this may be true, Eva Carlston Academy realizes that Language Arts encompasses much more than just speaking- it also helps students develop foundational skills in reading, writing, and communicating. To get an idea of why Language Arts remains a fixture in schools’ curriculums, Eva Carlston Academy reviews how the subject helps students on their path to success.

Language Arts Builds Critical Thinking Skills

Critical thinking is a crucial skill for processing information that we pick up in school and our everyday lives. One of the reasons Language Arts is important for students is because they are encouraged to ask and answer open-ended questions that sharpen their critical thinking skills. Analyzing text challenges students to develop an understanding of contexts, motivations, and cause and effect relationships within stories. Critical thinking skills developed through Language Arts also empower students to want to learn more about the world around them, while giving them all the tools to understand deeper concepts as they do.

Language Arts Reinforces Communication

Eva Carlston Academy recognizes that Language Arts helps students build skills in reading, writing, listening, and communication that are relevant to their academic careers and personal lives. Many students first learn to write proficiently in Language Arts, and courses set a foundation for writing that will be an asset later in life as well. Students will use both reading and writing skills developed in Language Arts throughout their lives. For example, communication skills such as writing, knowing how to speak with authority, and learning how to coherently voice thoughts and feelings will remain important even when students become adults.

Language Arts Prepares Students for Other Subjects

The mastery over English that Language Arts allows students to tap into sets them up for academic success in other subjects as well. Reading, writing, and communication skills are needed in any academic course that a student will take at Eva Carlston Academy and beyond. Similarly, other subjects will require students to evaluate text and use context to come to conclusions as well. Eva Carlston Academy reviews how Language Arts courses prepare students for the future and finds that the skills the courses hone get students ready for analyzing more complex information later on.

Eva Carlston Academy reviews the importance of Language Arts because we realize that it is necessary for helping students develop skills to succeed throughout school, their careers, and their personal lives. Language Arts is about more than “language”- it is about helping learners better understand the world around them!

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  1. Nick S says:

    Great article. Language Arts are so important. Building a solid foundation for reading, writing, and listening is something children and teens carry into their adult lives.

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