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Fostering Your Teen’s Study Skills

Studying for upcoming tests, exams, and quizzes can always be a daunting task for any teenager. Learning efficient study skills in high school can greatly improve grades and confidence in school. By studying smarter and instead of longer, your teen will see a difference in their ability to pick up material. Accommodating different learning styles and incorporating things that will help your teenager can make it easier for you and them. 

Study Tips and Tricks

Here at Eva Carlston, we recognize the variety of learning styles within our students and we try our best to reach them and teach different ways to study effectively. It’s important for them to not become overwhelmed with the amount of material that is being taught but instead, learn how to identify vital information. Recognizing what the best studying tips and techniques work for your teen can alleviate pressure and restore any lost self-confidence. 

  1. Space out the study sessions: Cramming before an exam or quiz can often lead to overwhelming feelings and it may start to feel impossible. By spacing out these studying sessions, recalling and retaining information becomes easier. 
  1. Learn effective note-taking: Effective note-taking is one of the best study tips out there. Instead of copying everything down, that’s being taught, ascertaining what information will pertain to any further learning, later on, will help make studying sessions less stressful.
  1. Know limits and when to stop: Most of the time, it may feel necessary to sit down and not stop until all the information is absorbed. In reality, this is not realistic and will lead to confusion of certain ideas as well as burnout. 

“Successful study skills will lead to more knowledge, competence, confidence, and self-esteem. Effective study skills also help to reduce anxiety about tests, quizzes, and deadlines. Developing good study skills will help cut down on the number of hours spent studying which leaves more time for other things in life.” – Melinda Powel, Eva Carlston Teacher

How To Help Your Teenager’s Study Skills

As a parent, you may weigh your teenager’s academic success on your mind and question what part you can play to help them achieve their goals. Learning how to help your teenager who may have ADHD, trouble learning, difficulty concentrating, mental illnesses, or any other learning deficits can be hard for both you and your child. Although, at Eva Carlston, we have been allowed to see firsthand what can help both the student and the parent. 

  1. Reinforce progress: Your teen wants to feel like you’re on their side (because you are!). Reinforcing the progress they make during their studying sessions can help boost their self-esteem and make them more self-assured in their learning.
  1. Have clear expectations for studying: Set your expectations with your teen to see what goals are attainable for them. Be patient and understanding during this time but also have them recognize the importance of deadlines and “getting ahead of the game.” 
  1. Set a schedule with them and a designated space: By having a space that is designated for studying can help your teen focus on the task at hand with limited distractions. Creating and sticking to a schedule can keep them on track and also prevent further feelings of doubt within themselves. 

Every teenager is different in what will work for them while studying. By finding the techniques that are best for your high schooler, you can start setting them up for success. As a parent, you’re able to remain encouraging and involved by helping your child during this process that is often stressful for them. 

At Eva Carlston, we are dedicated to the success of our students and teach them the value of studying and the benefits that come from it. By communicating with not only the student but the parent/family as well, they’re able to see the school and studying in a new light. We encourage our students to find what works best for them and help them discover it. Building studying skills now will greatly help them in their academic future.

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  1. Sara says:

    I attended ECA and the academics was one of my favorite part about my time there. I feel that I was very prepared for college. I came in with a lot of learning issues and was able to work through a lot of them with these study tips and tricks.

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