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Fresh Start: A Poem

By Current Student

Your mind’s in limbo 

Your heart is barely free 

Body trapped 

In plastic ecstasy

Why did you drown 

If you knew how to swim 

You didn’t think 

You would be hurt again

Your body’s getting heavy 

Your arms are getting weak 

The plastic wrap around your lungs 

Makes it hard to breathe 

It’s hard to look on the brighter side 

If you can’t even see

It’s harder to be perfect if you can’t even be

They pull out their lighter 

Drop fire down your throat 

It shrivels up the plastic wrap 

And cleanses out the soap

Your lungs are full of air again 

Though your heart’s still ripped in two

But the melted, molding, plastic wrap

Is used as plastic glue

Now that your half is whole again 

You have both pieces of your heart

It’s going to be easier 

To create a fresh start

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