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How Academic Accommodations Help Students

Academic accommodations for students with learning disabilities or mental illness diagnoses can be the determining factor of succeeding or failing in the classroom. Here at Eva Carlston Academy, we realize the importance of “leveling the playing field” for those who are neurodivergent. Having a curriculum that fits the students and their needs, rather than a linear approach gives kids a chance at learning the way that works best for them. 

What Is An Academic Accommodation?

An “academic accommodation” for students with anxiety, ADHD, depression, dyslexia, and processing disorders may look like several different things. An example of an academic accommodation could be a distraction-reduced environment, oral exam options, audiobooks, specific schedules, and more. Students who are neurodivergent or struggle with mental health are often overlooked in the classroom. 

Academic accommodation helps to eliminate any barriers in the classroom and gives students an equal opportunity to learn, get an education, and the general curriculum. Many have the incorrect assumption that these accommodations in the classroom give students an “unfair advantage,” we believe this couldn’t be further from the truth. These students are the ones who need extra help and assistance to understand anything from the syllabus to daily work. 

Common Academic Accommodations At Eva Carlston

At Eva Carlston, we know the importance of meeting students where they are for them to get the best education possible. Our teachers work hard to ensure all students get the help that they need to be successful in the classroom. We see academic accommodations as a necessity for any learning institution and we’re happy to instill these at our facility. 

A typical learning environment for Eva Carlston students is typically therapeutic while remaining distraction-free. On top of that, each teacher individualizes their accommodations to the student or students that need them. For example, in our English class with Elin Isakson, she targets different types of learning and what that looks like for students. She will implement kinesthetic activities, audiobooks, and much more. Additionally, it’s common practice in Eva Carlston Classrooms to teach students how to learn by being strategic in their organization, time management, and more. When introduced with new material, Elin also provides our students with guided notes so that it not only helps them retain new information but helps them become good note-takers by identifying key information. 

“To me, accommodating different students’ needs isn’t something extra to add on. It’s something good teachers do.” – Elin Isakson 

Each classroom will look different in terms of how the teachers accommodate their students and what needs have to be met. It may be breaking down assignments for a student for better comprehension, writing out detailed schedules of when to start and finish a task, and much more. Every student is unique and we tailor our classroom to fit those differences to give them the tools they need to not only learn but succeed. 

Eva Carlston Academy is a place where students of different backgrounds come together to heal and learn. Our program is specially designed to engage our students, make them excited about learning, and give them the strategies they need to receive the best education possible. Our teachers care deeply about our students and work with them to ensure their academic needs are met. Academic accommodations for mental illnesses or those with learning disabilities are a must for any educational institution that wants to improve the wellbeing of its students. 

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