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Science Fair Fun

Eva Carlston Academy Science Fair

For the last several months our science students have been immersing themselves in the scientific process and preparing for Eva’s first official Science Fair. Our science teachers have been using the scientific process as a way to connect their students to big ideas and deeper understanding of principles in their various scientific disciplines. All of their preparation will come together this week as they put the final touches on their projects and do final presentations to the judges.

Each home will have their own fair, from which a first, second, and third place winner will be determined.
The students are judged on their demonstration of the scientific
method, the cohesiveness of their research and experimental design, the presentation of their findings, and the presentation of these findings to the judges. This is not only an academic pursuit as many of our students have been working on skills such as accepting feedback, dealing with failure (we had a number of experimental do-overs), displaying confidence, organization, communication, and much more.

The three finalists from each home will compete with each other in a program-wide fair where the top three presentations will be chosen. We are looking forward to all of the presentations this week and are eager to share results with parents. Stay tuned!


  1. Anna says:

    Looks cool! Glad ECA is doing this-

  2. Mary D. says:

    Ice, ice baby! Ha. Clever

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