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Teaching With Technology

In today’s modern world, things are changing quickly and every day new technology is being developed. Learning to incorporate technology into the classroom to help improve both teaching and learning. Here at Eva Carlston Academy, we incorporate a vast variety of technology in the classroom to encourage our students and support their learning.

How Technology Improves Teaching and Learning

The digital age is rapidly progressing, and teachers are learning now more than ever how to incorporate technology into the everyday classroom. Digital tools such as computers, chat rooms, forums, zoom, interactive displays, and much more are helping students become more productive and increase their engagement. 

Not only does it help students become more efficient in the classroom, but also teachers. Now, educators can have programs available to them that give them feedback on how long it takes their students to finish homework and quizzes, what questions they miss the most, and most importantly, staying on top of their grading and records. It also allows teachers to individualize learning plans and help students according to their needs. 

Technology opens its doors wide to opportunities that are unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. From online group collaboration using Google Docs, to accessing thousands of scholarly articles and journals in a matter of minutes. Our classrooms are transforming more and more into technology-based learning, and it’s something Eva Carlston has kept in mind since we opened our doors 10 years ago. 

Technology Used At Eva Carlston For Learning

One of the most important things to remember is, without our educators in the classroom supervising students and guiding them along the way, technology can become difficult and challenging for students and can hinder them. This is why Eva Carlston uses a method called “Blended Learning,” which essentially gives you the best of both worlds. Our teachers are there to give our students support, instruction, and encouragement along the way so that no student gets left behind. 

The Blended Learning practice that we’ve incorporated into our classrooms allows our faculty to focus on the in-depth principles being taught and practicing abstract thinking. Each of our students that come to Eva Carlston Academy are at different places in their education, and we quickly recognized from the start that we needed to personalize their learning. We want our students to succeed, and having in-person teachers working alongside technology in the classroom helps us reach this goal. It allowed us to specifically design individualized courses for our students that meet them where they are, all while preparing them for higher education and integration back into their community. 

In addition to the individualized curriculum that each teacher builds for their students, we also have technology blended into our instructional methods. Students learn valuable participation skills through interactive presentations where they can contribute from their laptop and see the results on the screen in the front of class. Students collaborate with their peers on group assignments through shared documents. Teachers provide immediate feedback on assignments virtually, allowing the feedback loop to be more effective and immediate. Our courses also focus on the fundamentals of email etiquette, digital organization, and even typing.

Eva Carlston Academy has seen tremendous results in using Blended Learning and our students thrive with the unique education plans that give them the materials and rigor that fits their needs. We’re able to provide them with the support they need inside the classroom, to help them succeed outside the classroom. Our staff is dedicated to not only our student’s education but their emotional and mental health. 


  1. Jerry C says:

    I really enjoyed reading about the blended learning strategy Eva Carlston Academy deploys for its students. I am a big proponent of technology in the classroom, and the overall evolution of technology use in our daily lives, but some components of the classroom should remain deviceless 🙂

    1. Eva Carlston says:

      We absolutely agree! That is why we have opted for a blended learning approach instead of online school. The interaction between student and teacher is crucial to understanding curriculum, developing higher level abstract thinking, and learning social skills.

  2. BD says:

    This is great, but what about all the limitations? I imagine that the students just don’t have free access to the internet. Is this realistic?

    1. Eva Carlston says:

      We are with you! Providing secure internet access is a the outcome of a great deal of work by our tech team. But you are correct, our students do not have free access to the internet. Our students access the internet with supervision and guidance. We help them learn how to use the internet safely through our individual and group therapy work. The internet is a reality of not just education but the world, so our goal is to help our students learn safe internet skills.

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