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Top 10 Ways To Avoid Student Burnout

As a student either in high school or college, one thing that is common is student burnout. It can be hard navigating through the struggles of school work but add on extra circulars, mental health, advanced classes, and more, it can seem impossible to avoid student burnout. 

10 Ways To Avoid Burnout As A Student

The causes of student burnout can range anywhere from taking on too many things at once to not prioritizing yourself and your mental health. It can be easy to get absorbed into our work and not think about anything else, but we found at Eva Carlston that by teaching our students the value of breaks, planning, and prioritizing they become less stressed. 

  1. Prioritizing: Learn to prioritize not only your work but also your mental wellbeing. You need to be taken care of! We teach our students at Eva Carlston the importance of an effective “to-do” list.
  2. Planning: In our program, we place a heavy emphasis on using student planners. Writing out what needs to be done and splitting it up across multiple days can help alleviate a lot of the pressure our students may start to feel.
  3. Using checklists:  Using checklists is a great way to stay organized and encourage student motivation while simultaneously avoiding burnout. 
  4. Follow a detailed syllabus: Our teachers always provide our students with a detailed syllabus at the start of each semester and help them reflect back on it often. Understanding the grading rubric and expectations creates structure. 
  5. Stress management techniques: Learning what works for individuals when it comes to stress management can be incredibly helpful in taking a step back and recentering. 
  6. Asking for help: We encourage our students at Eva Carlston to ask for help when they need it. Our teachers are always willing to step in and steer our students in the right direction. 
  7. Coping strategies: Coping strategies are important for everyone to know. In our program, we place a high emphasis on knowing our personal strengths and setting those boundaries in place.
  8. Self-care: Self-care at the end of a long school day is essential. We implement a free time/relaxation time that is scheduled every day for our students to unwind and take that time for themselves. 
  9. Healthy diet and exercise: We place a high value on nutrition and proper exercise for a wide range of skill levels. Nutrition, meal planning, yoga, taking walks are all things that we do at Eva Carlston to keep our minds and bodies moving. 
  10. Know when to stop: By having our students set up checklists, planning, and prioritizing it becomes easier for them to manage their workload and come to a good stopping point to recharge their minds for the following day. 

Student burnout has increased during the pandemic and can affect anyone in any stage of life. 

Student burnout symptoms include: 

  • Feeling exhausted despite how much sleep you get at night
  • Lashing out at others and increased irritability 
  • Lacking the motivation to attend classes/work or start assignments
  • Lack of inspiration and creativity 

Eva Carlston Academy ensures that our students are well equipped for taking on school while also working on their mental health. Our academic program is specifically tailored to provide our students with the extra help they may need and give them emotional support while giving them lifelong tools. 


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      That is great to hear Anna!

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