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Why College and Career Readiness is Important

At one point in time, every high school student has at least thought about college. Most of the time they’re unsure about where to attend, the costs, and what to major in. Eva Carlston Academy students are no different. Although, at our institution, we give our students the extra help they need when discovering the college planning process and why career planning is necessary. 

College Planning 101

What is college planning? Typically, college planning involves in-depth research about programs a student may be interested in, a list of potential colleges they may want to attend, costs, and understanding each admission requirement. By developing a keen sense of what is needed from the student as far as college essays and admissions, they will be more informed about the process and how to navigate any difficulties. 

At Eva Carlston, we’ve found it helpful for our students to learn fundamental skills and knowledge and then build on it to further pursue higher education. As they begin to learn how to start college planning and the strategies involved, our students practice requesting official transcripts and using correct language in a quality entrance essay. 

Additionally, by providing our students with college planning checklists and helping them understand why college planning is necessary, they are more prepared to start applying to their top choices. We help them through the top “frequently asked questions” when applying for colleges and give them pointers on how to talk about themselves to university admissions. We found that by breaking down and focusing on each part of the admissions process individually, our students become much more confident and prepared for the journey ahead. 

Career Planning and Skill Development

Along with college planning guides and checklists, we also help our students navigate through entering the workforce. It can be difficult when you’re transitioning from high school to a career-driven world. By knowing where to start with their career planning and development, they become motivated to do their best.

Learning how to develop professional relationships and how to properly network is an essential skill in today’s business world, no matter your career path. We teach our students how to follow up after interviews, write outstanding cover letters, and show them examples of what a qualified resume looks like. Not only this, but we help them incorporate professional skills sets such as interpersonal communication skills and workplace etiquette. 

During these lesson plans, we will often identify where students may be struggling and help them through their areas of improvement. Often we will outline qualities of an effective leader, how to healthily balance work and personal life, decision making, and even negotiating salary. These skills are essential for the transition from high school to the workforce.

At Eva Carlston, our students and their success are extremely important to us. Our lessons such as; taking control of your career, professional academic communication, and much more equip our students with lifelong knowledge that they can take with them long after Eva Carlston. To adequately prepare for any challenges our students may encounter, they can rely on their skills and knowledge to rise to the top.